Thursday, June 4, 2009


The best photographers I know are close friends. The do amazing work and I think it's only right if
I pass this info along to you guys hehe. Now every person has a different style and I think that every style is uniqe.

My daughter Akina for one, she is very amazing with different lightings and filters. she's done a couple of my profile pictures and is sooooo much fun to be around. Akina Ansar is so sweet and you should definatly talk to her if you want a fun energetic picture! And Akina is the owner of Club Toxic Dreams!

Now for the more over all edit with a dramatic effect my friend Kilikopela can take care of you. Every photo I've done with him comes out like a masterpiece! I think his studio is down for the time being but I'm sure he'd set up a time with you.

Then there is Daymian. He is ver good at doing realistic looking photos. The photos he's done of himself are out of this second world! Daymian is very good with getting everything to just the right angle in just the right lighting so it looks like a photograph you'd see in a picture frame in real life!

Brandela is perfect for more creative shots. She can make your photo look like a sketch! She is amazing with photoshop and she is soo sweet! It's such a joy to hang out with her and she's very creative with her shoots. She is also the soon to be owner of Sweet Feet.

Akina Ansar- Energetic, bright, fun shots
Kilikopela Diesel- Dramatic, sweet, and amazing shots
Daymian Decosta- Realistic shots
Brandela Denimore- Sketch-like, creative, sweet shots

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