Friday, June 5, 2009

Hunts {On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!!!!}

Now for those out there who are new to Second Life, a hunt is one of the best things you'll ever participate in! A hunt is sort of scavanger hunt in which your goal is to find the object specified in hunt details. Each found objet holds a prize and a landmark to the next place in the hunt. Prizes can be anything from earrings to clothes to shoes to hair to HOUSES! There are usually one or two going on at all times.

There are some you should look into that are going on now. The Storybook Hunt, The Bedtime Stories Hunt, Through The Looking Glass Hunt, Fun In The Sun Hunt, SLD Hunt (or what I call the Magnifiying Glass Hunt), and I currently don't remember the name of it but there is a hunt just for guys going on.

In the Storybook Hunt you're looking for small, brown books and the prizes have something to do with stories (obviously) which is sort of like the Bedtime Stories Hunt except in that hunt what your looking for is anything that relates to a bedtime story. So the first thing that holds the prize could be a gnome or a cat or a shoe. If it relates to a fairytale or is sleeping it could hold your prize.

I thought the Through The Looking Glass Hunt would be one of my favorites obviously for the Alice In Wonderland theme but it has proved quite the challenge. In this hunt you're looking for mirrors (handheld) that hold the prizes. The mirrors are quite similar looking to the Magnifying Glasses from the SLD hunt so be careful.

The Fun In The Sun Hunt or F.I.T.S. (hahahaha) is a very easy hunt except for big stores o-o (that's when it gets tought) In this hunt you're looking for beach balls. Which normally should be easy to find right?

Well let me remind you that will all hunts they are allowed to hide the prize holding objects ANYWHERE in the store. I remember the Easter hunt when DV8 hid their egg in one of the lights on the ceiling (the egg was the SAME color as the light and I had looked for it for a good hour!!) They also are allowed to change the size of the object. You could be looking for a large teddy bear and find a bear that is no larger than your avatars eye (it's quite fun at times). And don't forget the main point of these hunts for store owners. It helps bring in foot traffic! It's not because they like to give away free things and trust me they don't -_-"

The SLD Hunt is a very fun hunt. You're looking for magnifying glasses in this hunt. Many amazing prizes in this hunt! I've received outfits, shoes, and jewelary so far from this hunt. What person doesn't like new clothes? Or for a woman, new shoes and jewelary?? WHO???

The later to be named (since I can't remember the title) hunt is a hunt just for guys (though they somewhere tossed in a few ladies things) In this hunt you're searching for the male symbol, the little circle with the sideways arrow (think Austin Powers) they have some very nice stuff in here and I hope some of you men out there will take advantage of it :D

I'll add starting points later so keep checking :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The best photographers I know are close friends. The do amazing work and I think it's only right if
I pass this info along to you guys hehe. Now every person has a different style and I think that every style is uniqe.

My daughter Akina for one, she is very amazing with different lightings and filters. she's done a couple of my profile pictures and is sooooo much fun to be around. Akina Ansar is so sweet and you should definatly talk to her if you want a fun energetic picture! And Akina is the owner of Club Toxic Dreams!

Now for the more over all edit with a dramatic effect my friend Kilikopela can take care of you. Every photo I've done with him comes out like a masterpiece! I think his studio is down for the time being but I'm sure he'd set up a time with you.

Then there is Daymian. He is ver good at doing realistic looking photos. The photos he's done of himself are out of this second world! Daymian is very good with getting everything to just the right angle in just the right lighting so it looks like a photograph you'd see in a picture frame in real life!

Brandela is perfect for more creative shots. She can make your photo look like a sketch! She is amazing with photoshop and she is soo sweet! It's such a joy to hang out with her and she's very creative with her shoots. She is also the soon to be owner of Sweet Feet.

Akina Ansar- Energetic, bright, fun shots
Kilikopela Diesel- Dramatic, sweet, and amazing shots
Daymian Decosta- Realistic shots
Brandela Denimore- Sketch-like, creative, sweet shots

A Blog Is Born O.O

Alright so here's the deal. I'm making this blog to help my fellow Second Life members find good deals and help otu with hunts. Trust me I'm currently working on six hunts O.o Also I know the best places to get good professional photography done for cheap! So I hope this is a helpful guide to everyone and I wish you the best of luck in your hunts and Second Lives :D